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When Should You Do Skim Coating?

We are familiar with the word plastering, but most of us don’t know about Skim Coat Plastering. They don’t know what it is and when they require Skim Coating.

Skim Coating is a technique of applying thin layers of coat on a plastered wall. It’s a drywall finish of level five coating. Usually, you have to use at least 3-4 coats if you want the surface is perfectly smooth.

Skim Coating is applied to make your wall prepared by a cracked and uneven cement wall for the last finishing or painting. If your wall is damaged, needs drywall repairs, or wants to install new drywall, Skim Coating is a must for you. You can say Repairing skim coating plastering is a service to make your wall more beautiful and smooth or the best way to restore your wall.

Skim Coating makes your wall feel like a new-appearance without replacing the wall.

Your plastered wall cracked will be easily covered, restored/renovated after you do Skim Coating.

But this isn’t so easy; for doing this, you will need an experienced person who knows how to bring the best finishing through Skim coating. After all, finishing is the ultimate thing we want. And it depends on the plasterer’s proficiency.

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Differences between Skim Coating and Plastering

Skim Coating Plastering is the subset or next step of Plastering. Skimm Coating and plastering both are done to make your wall ready for further decor.

In Skim Coating, a thin layer of plaster added to new walls to remove the bumps and fills the holes. Overall to hide all the imperfections. And in Plastering, a thin layer of cement is added to covers the unprotected surface to protect the wall from rainwater. After Plastering the wall, the next process of skim coating starts.

You can do Skim Coating only on the new walls of buildings where you can do Plastering in both old and new walls of buildings. There will be a rough side after doing normal Plastering, but when you have done perfect Skim Coating, you get a smoother finish wall.

The Best Skim Coating Plasterer To Hire In Dublin

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If you live in Dublin and search for a Skim Coating Plasterer whom you can hand-over your Plasterer work to make your wall skim coating, then Plasterer Dublin is here to help you best Skim Coating plasterer.

We are a renowned plasterer company in Dublin. We don’t provide plastering services, but we do provide plasterers who are certified and experienced. You can have your trust in Plasterer Dublin; we won’t give you any chance to complain.

Our plasterer has skilled hands to make your wall ready to decorate by providing seamless, smooth Skim Coating services. We offer plasterers at affordable prices and take less time to complete but don’t compromise our quality work.

Why are we the best ceiling plasterer in Dublin?

It looks like a small and easy job to plaster your home ceiling, but it’s not so. Plaster is harder to damage, but if you can’t apply it in the right way, then your ceiling is going to crack very soon. To save your ceiling from cracking and damage, you have to hire a pro who can do it accurately. And where can you find a skilled ceiling plasterer?

If you are living in Dublin, then you can contact Plasterer Dublin.

All you have to do is- pay a fixed amount and save your time & efforts. You won’t have to do anything; our plasterer will do the finishing and ensure your ceiling plaster is all okay.


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