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Are you in need of replastering walls?

If your walls have a rising damp problem, then it’s essential to replastering damp walls in the right way to prevent any type of damage to the internal home decoration.

There are many ways you can replaster your walls. Let’s know a little about them.

The traditional way to replastering

replastering service dublin

In the old days, peoples used sand and cement to replaster walls. But there were some drawbacks. Sand and cement is a cold and dense material.  Sand and cement are not breathable and very strong, so removing the render is very difficult. This process is very slow, which means the wall dries out very slowly.

The modern way to replastering

These days modern plasters are available like Dryzone Damp Resistant Plaster. This plaster is damp and salt resistant and doesn’t have any drawbacks. You will get this plaster pre-bagged and blended for consistent performance and damp walls. These modern plaster are ideal to use on damping walls. This plaster is soft and warmer than sand and cement and allows walls to breathe and dry naturally.

We have another replastering way that is better and easy to use and that is lime plaster. As we know, lime plaster is highly breathable and cost-effective. If you want, you can use lime plaster also for replastering your walls or ceiling.

Do I need to Replaster after damp?

Yes, you need to replaster after damp. After completing the damping treatment, frequently plaster needs renewal. Why? Because of the toxicity with hygroscopic salts, and that’s why you need to use a special salt retardant addition.

Can I plaster over Mould?

Yes, you can plaster over mold. If the damp and mold wall is crumbled, cracked, or split, then you can plaster over the mold to cover those cracks. If you want, you can replace it but plaster is better than that.

Why are we the best replasterering Service in Dublin?

Replastering over a damp wall isn’t so easy to handle. You will need a damp professional plasterer for that. Dublin Plasterer provides well certified, professional damp plasterer who can manage the replastering work very well. We are one of the best companies that doesn’t work itself but source the best plasterer in Dublin. So if you need a plasterer for any plastering work like interior plastering, exterior plastering, lime plastering, ceiling plastering, drywall plastering, etc, then don’t be late to give us a call; we are always here to help you


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