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Plaster is a valuable part of your wall. It boosts the strength and durability of your wall and gives your rough walls a smooth facade. Due to the roughness, it becomes very difficult to paint or add wallpaper to your walls, but after Plaster Repair it becomes super easy to decorate your home walls beautifully as you want. So whenever you are in need of Plaster Repair in Dublin call Plasterer Dublin to hire professional plaster repairer.

What is the Plaster Repair Option

Plaster repair service

If your drywall has patching holes, filling cracks, crumbling plaster, recovering unsightly seams, or water damage, you have to understand that your plaster walls need Plaster Repair. There is a choice available for you that can save your home’s wall, time, and money. Choose your plaster repair option among Patching Plaster or Joint Compound.

Differences Between Patching Plaster and Joint Compound

Patching Plaster and Joint Compound have similarities but both aren’t the same. There are some differences between Patching Plaster and Joint Compound.

The Patching Compound gives you long durable repair on wood, concrete, and plaster. It is set within 20 minutes and made with Calcium Sulfate, Crystalline Quartz, and limestone. You can use it for level-up subfloors. But it’s not suitable for wall repair until you cover this Patching Compound with another compound like Joint Compound.

The Joint Compound you will get in premixed status. This compound comes in 1:5 gallon tubes and if there are large jobs then it comes into cardboard boxes, packed in plastic bags. This is a product that is virtually created for drywall plaster repair. It takes almost 6-12 hours to dry completely but the setting also depends on the temperature and humidity.

When Do You Need Plaster Repair Service?

plaster repairing service for dump wall

After being a durable material, plaster still starts cracking or sagging. And these cracks get worse with time, it starts allowing seep into dust and water itself that isn’t good for your walls.  If you don’t want to do new plaster but want to fix walls and get back the smooth facade you have to do Plaster Wall Repair to prevent the wall damage. But it’s not so easy to understand when you actually need repair. As cracks are very normal in walls, you can’t take it as a reason for repairing your walls until there are a series of cracks, damage, and discoloration spots. You have to examine your walls more carefully, if cracks are crumbling and making holes, the wall is excessing moisture or some structural damage to your walls then your walls need immediate repair.

What Makes Our Plaster Repair Service Best

plaster repair service

Your walls are cracked or damaged?


Don’t be. Dublin Plasterer is here with the best handyman who is an expert in repair ceiling cracks. They will do Patching plaster to make your walls smooth, smart, and beautiful like before. So if you need plaster repair Dublin then calls the Plasterer Dublin, our plasterer do plastering work like Interior Plaster, Exterior plaster, Skim Coating Plaster, Drywall Plaster, Silk or Lime plaster.


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