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What is lime plastering?

Lime plaster is a unique, eco-friendly product. It’s a mixed compound of sand, lime, and water. Usually, it’s known as high Calcium Lime, Air Lime, or Slaked Lime. People are using Lime Plaster over low-quality materials for the traditional finish of the interior or exterior walls. Lime Plaster finishes just like Venetian plaster. Due to durability, natural Lime Plaster is perfect for Exterior Plastering.

Most of our customers ask us some questions to know more about Lime Plastering-like

Is lime plaster waterproof?

Yes, dear, Lime Plastering is fully waterproof. It doesn’t get soft when it’s soaked. And Lime Plastering is also breathable. So you don’t have to be worried about your walls, Lime plaster can absorb and hold rain.

Can they skim over lime plaster?

If you can afford then obviously you can skim over Lime Plaster. As we know, lime plaster is breathable; it means the Lime plaster moisture level is high, and it can quickly flee through the walls. So when you skim over lime plaster, it doesn’t crack or get weaken. And the finish you get after skimming is slightly better textured than gypsum

How long does lime plaster take to dry?

Lime Plaster takes more time than gypsum plaster. If you touch in hours, you will feel it’s hard, but it won’t cure before weeks. As the absorption process is slightly slower, it takes around 3-5 days to dry per coat. So you have to give some time to cure. We can’t be sure it can take more time than a week; it depends on the amount of hydraulic lime used.

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Benefits of lime plaster

People who understand the benefits of breathing plaster use Lime Plaster on the building, but some people think that it’s tough to use. So they avoid using Lime Plaster. But we need to make people aware that buildings are suffering these days because of the use of inappropriate materials and living in these building are becoming more dangerous. We need to encourage people to use Lime Plastering to keep themselves safe from the toxic environment. Yes, using Lime Plaster is a little tricky but its benefits worth the hard work. Let me tell you the benefits,

  • Lime Plaster is clean, light, and durable.
  • When its set, it becomes very hard and solid to weather and mold.
  • Lime Plaster exterior walls lasted for years.
  • It’s unaffected by water and doesn’t dissolve like drywall or gypsum plaster.
  • Lime Plaster doesn’t crack much, and it doesn’t need any expansion joints.
  • It’s ideal for building small cottages, and many modern builders use this eco-friendly plaster for earth building and hay bale.

Types of Lime Plaster

Plastering is the traditional form of decorating your interior-exterior walls. Lime Plaster is the oldest form of plaster that was used or invented by Romans and Egyptian around 7000 years ago.

Lime is used to binding the materials; that’s why its called lime plaster. Its a mixture of sand, water, and hydrated lime. It’s something similar to lime mortar. Lime Plaster was the best choice to built any type of building during the 1900s. Let’s have a quick view of the available types of lime plasterers.

  • Quick Lime: Quick lime has another name called Caustic or Calcium Oxide lime. Its the cheapest form of lime. Quick lime collected by the calcination process or by burning pure limestone. Quicklime has a friendship with moisture.
  • Slaked Lime: Slaked lime another name is a Hydrate lime. The proceeding of slaking collects it. You will get this lime in the form of white powder. It absorbs carbonic acid in the presence of water. This lime is mostly used for mortar applications.
  • Fat Lime: Fat lime contains high calcium oxide. So its called Calcium lime, Pure lime, or White lime also. It slakes strongly when getting in touch with water. It used for many purposes like plastering walls, whitewashing, for pointing in masonry walls and foundation of buildings.
  • Hydraulic Lime: Water lime is another name of Hydraulic lime. It contains clay and little amount of ferrous oxide. You will get the availability of 30% silica and 5% of alumina in this lime. This lime sets with the help of water, add some water, and it sets. Hydraulic lime has three class-
  • Eminently hydraulic
  • Semi hydraulic and
  • Non-hydraulic
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Lime Plaster Contractors or Plasterer in Dublin

If you are searching for a skilled Lime Plasterer or contractors in Dublin, Plasterer Dublin is here to help you. We take all types of Lime Plastering jobs. Our goal is to satisfy you with the best work. We don’t provide any plastering service, but we do provide plasterer for services like Interior Plaster, Skim Coating Plaster, Drywall Plaster, and Exterior Plaster. If you need a plasterer for any of these jobs, you can contact us. Our plasterer cost especially Lime Plaster cost is much less than others in Dublin. Dublin Plasterer will give you the best Lime Plasterer, they are well certified and have years of experience. They will provide you with the best Lime Plaster finish that will make your buildings look more beautiful and will last longer.


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