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Want perfect plaster finishes for interior walls?

Well, lime is the most used material for interior walls because it gives your walls a solid surface. Interior Plaster gives your room a permanent fixture. You can do Interior Plaster in your room or a specific area, like only a drawing-room or bedroom wall. If you want to remodel your home or office building, Interior Plastering is the best option. And to complete your plastering work, Plasterer Dublin is always here.

Recently we are getting a question to answer from our customers, “can we plaster over paint?”

It’s a crucial question as there are many factors we need to consider first. Let’s talk about this and find the best answer.

Can we Plaster Over a Painted Interior Wall? ( Yes or No )

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Positive Answer: Assesses your wall; if the paint of your house or office is in good condition, then yes, it’s possible to plaster your existing walls over paint. Plastering without peeling the paint won’t damage or cracks out; your professional Interior Plaster can start the work straight without any worry. But your walls need to be dust-free and fully clean of dirt.

Negative Answer: After assessing your wall, if you found the paint isn’t in good condition or recently painted, then professional Interior Plaster will directly deny doing plastering over the painting. Because there are 100% chances plastering will crack or peeling out after doing so. You have to repair the wall first or strip the paint before plastering the interior.

Hire a professional from Plasterer Dublin

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Can you see your ceiling is tired?

It means your ceiling is demanding plaster, but don’t try to do it all yourself just by seeing a plasterer doing it. Getting a perfectly smooth finish doesn’t come easily; it needs in-depth knowledge of doing the work, using the tools & equipment, and proper skills.

I have seen almost all people who tried the DIY process at last spend a higher amount than they could hire a plasterer before. It’s an easy job, and you have to spend just a little amount, but needs skilled hand. If you go to try it yourself, you have to learn it, buy tools and materials, fix mistakes, and so on.

Don’t you think it will take more than hiring a plasterer?

Why are we the best ceiling plasterer in Dublin?

Plastering is a complex process, so to complete this process, you need to hire a professional Interior Plasterer. And the plasterer should have skills and experience in this field because it is technically challenging; it requires complete care and full attention. The Interior Plasterer has to work by keeping in mind every little detail to make the walls smooth and doesn’t have any cracks or bubbles. Only a professional Interior Plasterer of Dublin plasterer , can give you the smooth plaster finishes for the interior wall as you desired as they are the best plasterer in Dublin

Dublin Plaster doesn’t provide services but help you meet with the most skilled Interior Plasterer, have faith and contact us; our multi finish Interior Plasterer will ensure your satisfaction in affordable price.


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