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Want to do ceiling plaster?

If your ceiling is showing a spot or damage sign, then only one coat of paint isn’t enough for your ceiling. You have to do a ceiling plaster of your home. And for ceiling plaster, Plasterboard is a perfect idea. It will give your ceiling a completely new, fresh look.

What kind of plaster is used on ceilings?

Typically plasterboard is mostly used for residentials because plasterboard is cost-effective, gives a pleasant finish, and very easy to install.

The Gypsum plasterboard is the first choice for ceiling plaster. Its a mixture of gypsum or casting powder with fibers to hold the blend together. Usually, these gypsum plasterboards are attached with wood or aluminium frames, and they can take any shape and even twist at certain parts. You can cut these plasterboards at the required size to fit your ceiling best.

Why should you hire a plasterer for ceiling plaster?

ceiling plasterer

Can you see your ceiling is tired?

It means your ceiling is demanding plaster, but don’t try to do it all yourself just by seeing a plasterer doing it. Getting a perfectly smooth finish doesn’t come easily; it needs in-depth knowledge of doing the work, using the tools & equipment, and proper skills.

I have seen almost all people who tried the DIY process at last spend a higher amount than they could hire a plasterer before. It’s an easy job, and you have to spend just a little amount, but needs skilled hand. If you go to try it yourself, you have to learn it, buy tools and materials, fix mistakes, and so on.

Don’t you think it will take more than hiring a plasterer?

Why are we the best ceiling plasterer in Dublin?

It looks like a small and easy job to plaster your home ceiling, but it’s not so. Plaster is harder to damage, but if you can’t apply it in the right way, then your ceiling is going to crack very soon. To save your ceiling from cracking and damage, you have to hire a pro who can do it accurately. And where can you find a skilled ceiling plasterer?

If you are living in Dublin, then you can contact Plasterer Dublin.

All you have to do is- pay a fixed amount and save your time & efforts. You won’t have to do anything; our plasterer will do the finishing and ensure your ceiling plaster is all okay.


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