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Do You Know How Long Does It Take To Plaster A Room?

Want to decor your room?

But it’s not possible to decor your room beautifully without giving a coat of plaster to your room. Without plastering you aren’t going to get any smooth surface and not your walls are going to look well-decorated because of the flaws your walls have. Plastering isn’t a DIY process that you can do it yourself, so you have to call a professional who can plaster or replaster your old plastered well and give you smooth finishing to decor your walls with fresh and unique designs. Have questions in your mind related to plastering?

Don’t worry I am here, Let’s know some FAQ questions answer that we get from most of our customers.

How Long Does It Take To Plaster a Room?

Plastering an old house takes more time than a new one. There are cracks and crumbles that need to be fixed for a smooth surface. If the plasterer isn’t a professional experienced one he is going to take more time. But if you hire a skilled well-certified plasterer ,it will take only 2-3 days to plaster a room that is small in size. There are lots of works that need to be done and have to use tools properly. If you make any mistake then it’s going to take double time, as the plaster will have to pill out the whole plaster and then again have to start from the zero.

So as I said before, if you have a small room you can expect it will be plastered completely in 2-3 days but if it’s medium then some more time like 3-4 days, and if the larger one then 4-5 days is enough for a skilled plasterer .

How Many Square Meters Can a Plasterer Do in a day?

Plastering isn’t time-consuming work but still, it takes time for a perfect smooth finishing. A plasterer has to do every little work carefully. If he does any mistake the whole work can be ruined. A plasterer can plaster almost 1-10sqm wall per day. If the wall is thick and has small bricks it will take more time than regular. But if the wall is made with honeycomb or big bricks like this without any doors and windows then it’s going to be complete very swiftly. But it won’t remain same for every plaster. It depends on the construction of the plastering walls and plasterer workability. Some can do a little bit more or some a little bit less.


how long does it take to plaster a room

How Long Does Plastering Take to Dry

The answer is going to change with the plaster type. As we know not every plastering is the same, there are many differences between them. Every plaster takes different materials and different processes to plaster. When it comes to Plasterboard plastering it seems dry after some hours of plastering but it will take not less than 2-3 days to dry completely after plastered. If the plastering type is Baking Plaster, it will take normally 4-6 days and if you are talking about Lime Plastering, it’s going to take the maximum time almost 2-3 weeks to dry. If your plaster is Patching plaster and the layer is thin then it will dry in 5-6 days. The number of days won’t be the same every time, it can be ups or down by the effect of weather or the place environment you are plastering. One piece of advice for you, you should wait at least one week before you apply a new painting over plaster. Sometimes plaster takes more time to dry, so some expert advice to leave the plaster wall for one month to dry completely.

How Long Does Plaster Skimming Take?

Plaster skimming takes time to dry but it doesn’t take much time to set, no matter how wet the plaster is, it will set due to the chemical in minutes and will give you a final smooth finish.

As per our knowledge, a good plasterer is someone who can plaster a lot in his fixed time period, it shouldn’t take more than 2-3 hours to skim a 2m x 2.7m wall. Yes, there are lots of work but there are also scoop to complete them. It takes 10-15 minutes to mix the plaster and the waiting time is 10 minutes then the plasterer will take 30-40 minutes to skim the wall. In this counting, a plaster can easily skim walls in 2-3 hours with rest.

One advice for you is to hire a plasterer based on the whole work rather than hire him for a day rate, it will make him work faster and complete the skimming work quickly with a good finish.

How Long Does Skim Coat Take to Dry

If your walls are finely skimmed then it should take less time to dry. As we know walls are skimmed after plastering to make sure the painting looks smooth surface. You have to do skimming before you apply paint to make the wall ready for fresh painting. This process shouldn’t take much time. As per resources, skimming will take 3-4 days to dry and will be ready for painting at that time.

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